Why we do what we do

Recently we became aware of an opportunity to join ReadyForce's Hacker Tour 2012 of top US Computer Science and Engineering schools, as they reach out to graduating students interested in opportunities with startups. We were offered a position as one of two non-profits on the tour, and we gladly accepted. As we begin to bring [...]

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New Scientist covers fact-checking

Jim Giles has written perhaps the best piece yet on the landscape of fact-checking in a New Scientist piece that published today (archival PDF). He details a range of efforts, both editorial and automated, current and proposed, methodically addressing both the promise as well as the challenges and obvious questions in a remarkably balanced way. It's [...]

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We're now the proud recipient of a $525k grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Digital Information Technology program. We were first approached by Josh Greenberg, the program director, last fall during our Kickstarter funding drive. Later that year, they provided an initial $20k grant for our Reputation Modeling Workshop this past February. After the [...]

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Reimagining peer-review

Late last year I was approached by Hilmar Lapp at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center to keynote their iEvoBio conference in Ottawa this July, immediately following the historic Evolution 2012 conference also in Ottawa this year - the "First Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology." I was impressed by the Open Source Commitment that captures the central [...]

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