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If you correctly entered Canvas Developer credentials during the LMS app install process, you will see a “Select PDF from Canvas” option when creating a Hypothesis-enabled assignment or module item:

If the “Select PDF from Canvas” button does not appear, that means something went wrong during the app installation process:

  1. Did you use a Canvas Developer ID and Key during Step 1 of the install process? If not, you’ll need to obtain Canvas developer credentials (you may need to ask an admin at your school for help), then delete and re-install the app.
  2. Do you have the correct permissions to install Canvas apps at your institutions? Even if you correctly entered your developer credentials, the Canvas File Picker may not work if your school requires IT or Canvas admins to install apps for instructors.
  3. Did you encounter a copy-and-paste error during the install process? Installing our app requires copying and pasting a lot of information— even seasoned experts make mistakes during this process! Delete the app and re-install, paying close attention to:
    • The Canvas Developer ID and Key: Make sure not to mix them up, and that you’re not copying and pasting any extra characters into the text boxes. 
    • The Canvas App Configuration Screen: Again, make sure you’re copying the correct values without any extra spaces or characters for the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Config URL:

If none of the checks listed above resolves the issue, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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