About us

The Hypothesis mission is to bring humanity together by enabling a conversation over all knowledge. We built the reference open-source implementation of the W3C Web Annotation standard, and now we’re focused on bringing it to each and every browser, app and device for all the world’s citizens.

Our vision: a world where you can have a conversation within any community over the pages of any document or book anywhere through a federated ecosystem exactly like the web itself. Built around an open protocol, and through open systems, this meta layer will provide profound new capabilities for discussion, collaboration, organization, discovery, research and computation.

We’re focused first in education where we’re bringing social annotation to the world’s classrooms.

About you

You are a leader who brings a blend of marketing expertise, management experience and deep humanity — someone with a focus, passion and talent for leading and scaling great teams working on big challenges. You care about the projects you work on, and you want to devote your superpowers to things that matter. You’re a huge fan of open-source software and the potential it has to bring people together.

You’ll be reporting to our VP of Revenue and working closely with our company leadership to help shape a culture of innovation, excellence and accountability. You’ll have a solid understanding of what it takes to design, execute and measure integrated strategies to promote and expand the usage of cloud-based SaaS technology services within the education market a