Pilot with Hypothesis

Pilot with Hypothesis2021-09-28T17:12:10-07:00

Are you interested in increasing student engagement, expanding reading comprehension, and building critical-thinking and community in classes? Collaborative annotation makes reading active, visible, and social, enabling students to engage with their texts, teachers, ideas, and each other in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Our pilot program gives you full learning management system (LMS) integration, unlimited usage, and the guidance and support of the Hypothesis team to ensure that your experience is seamless, successful, sustainable, and optimized for student success. Piloting enables you to see what it would look like to support collaborative annotation across your institution. It’s the best way to determine if you want to adopt Hypothesis for ongoing use.

Three boxes showing phases of engagement with Hypothesis: Trial: Test Hypothesis in a course in your LMS (up to 1 academic term and 50 students) before piloting. [optional] > Pilot: Explore full LMS integration and unlimited supported use across your institution for an academic term. > Subscription: Continue using Hypothesis and expand supported use across your institution.

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Pilots Include

LMS Integration

  • Full LMS integration
  • Unlimited usage
  • Single sign-on through the LMS
  • Private annotation groups for teachers and students synced to each course roster (all LMSs) or synced to sections within courses (Canvas only — other LMSs coming soon)
  • Collaborative annotation of web pages, PDFs, and (coming soon) eTexts

Pedagogical Support

  • Guides for using Hypothesis in the classroom
  • Best practices for roll-out communications
  • Instructional-design consultations
  • Customized webinars or optional on-campus visits to train your team

Technical Support

  • A formal service level agreement (SLA)
  • Formal accessibility, security, and privacy compliance
  • Technical configuration sessions
  • Tier-1 support for faculty and staff
  • Escalation of technical issues to our team of dedicated LMS engineers

Outcomes & Analytics

  • Surveys for your faculty and students on their experiences with Hypothesis
  • Analytics on annotation activity at the individual, class, and institutional levels
  • Regular outcomes and reporting check-ins to help guide your decision making

AnnotatED Community

  • Participation in a community of educators, researchers, and technologists who engage deeply with collaborative annotation as a transformative practice in teaching and learning
  • Close connection with Hypothesis for product feedback/feature requests, roadmap updates, demonstrations of new capabilities, and opportunities to test new features
  • Opportunities to collaborate in annotation activities, events, and research studies

Ensure the Success of Your Pilot

  • Form a pilot faculty cohort (we suggest a minimum of 3 faculty members)
  • Host a webinar and/or an on-campus visit so we can help train your team and faculty
  • Give feedback on your pilot experience through surveys, focus groups, and regular check-ins
  • Begin participating in the AnnotatED community
  • During your pilot, decide whether to adopt Hypothesis for continued use