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Webinar: Annotation Groups for Publishers With Hypothesis

On 21 February 2018 we held a webinar to demonstrate the new annotation groups capabilities Hypothesis launched in partnership with science publisher eLife. We explored how publishers can now offer dedicated groups to tailor the annotation experience on their content and enable authors, editors, invited experts, and readers to engage in discussion directly on [...]

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Webinar: Custom Annotation Groups for Publishers With Hypothesis

This webinar focused on ways to use open, restricted, and private groups to support different annotation use cases with your publication using Hypothesis. Moderator Heather Staines, our former Director of Partnerships, explored how Hypothesis collaborates with publishers to support and host annotations that enable authors, editors, invited experts, and readers to engage in discussion [...]

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A New Annotation Capability: Publisher Groups

We’re announcing the availability of a powerful new configuration for annotation groups we call "publisher groups". Now publishers can establish and manage a default branded and moderated annotation layer on their online publications.

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Canvas App Protip: Adding Group Home to Navigation

Adding a link to open your group home page to the left-side navigation  in your Canvas course is just a way to make viewing group activity across multiple documents easier. The group home page can of course also be opened from within the annotation side bar on any document for which is activated. On [...]

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The Group Home Page The Hypothesis group home page will be your control center for annotating as part of a private group. It [1] contains a list of recently documents annotated by group members--expand to view annotations, [2] lists group members with their annotation account, not including replies--clicking on a username here will filter the group's documents and [...]

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Using Hypothesis Groups in the Classroom

A couple of weeks ago, we quietly released a new feature here at the ability to annotate websites and PDFs in groups. Previously, all annotations created using were either public or private (“only me”). Now you can create a group and invite others to join you in annotating a text or set [...]

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Introducing Groups

Our mission here at Hypothesis is to enable a conversation over the world's knowledge. So far that's been a public conversation. But some conversations need to flourish in private spaces. You've always been able to create private annotations that only you can see but, until today, not annotations visible only to a group. That's what we're launching [...]

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