I always hated reading online because I couldn’t take notes and it was harder to follow. Hypothes.is was extremely helpful in that I was able to follow the lines with less blurriness than usual.


I thought it was pretty dope. Having to print out readings and highlight them is such a drag and a bore, so I thought it was incredibly useful and so smart that this tool was invented.


I really like how you can highlight and annotate on any site. It helps me to understand what I’m reading.


I like to see my thought process on paper so this is a great tool for breaking down my thought process online.


I love sharing my thoughts using annotations and reading other people’s annotations. Using hypothes.is helps me become more interested in what I’m reading. I think I might continue to use hypothesis, even after I finish high school.


Annotation is indispensable to active reading and active readers. To actively read is to actively think about, and even challenge, what is being read. Hypothesis helped me to do that. Thank you!


Hypothes.is broadens the idea of close-reading a passage and makes it more interesting and interactive.


I love the ability to include images and direct links. Having visual aids adds more to the text.


I think it’s a good way to see the ideas of classmates before entering the classroom, which in turn generates good discussions.


It’s really cool to read everyone else’s thoughts and viewpoints on the same texts, because it really opens your eyes to things that you might have not seen prior to the annotations, and I just think it’s a really really rad way to learn and connect with all of your other fellow thinkers and scholars.


I love how Hypothes.is allowed me to interact with all my classmates!


I loved using Hypothes.is to annotate class readings–it was especially helpful when annotating with my classmates because they made extremely insightful comments that made me think more critically about the passage.


I am always losing annotations of passages I read for school, but I know that with Hypothes.is, I can easily log onto my account and read through the annotations I wrote before.


This is a really amazing tool for research. I will definitely be using Hypothes.is for my work in the future. It helps to streamline and simplify my note taking process which allows me to conduct more research in a short amount of time.


Hypothes.is has been really helpful to me and has allowed me to organize my thoughts and ideas. It has given me an opportunity to formulate my argument through marking and annotating relevant evidence. It lets me quickly jot down an idea so I can use it later when I’m writing an essay.


Hypothes.is is a perfect learning tool for going beyond the classroom–students can research material only briefly mentioned in the text more deeply. Links to videos or other websites can also be included for supplementary material.