Product Release Updates

Welcome to Hypothesis’s new and future innovations! Here, we keep you updated with all our exciting new features, enhancements, and upcoming releases for our platform.

Our Latest Releases

YouTube video annotations:

We’re excited to unveil a revolutionary feature at Hypothesis: the ability to annotate YouTube videos within your Learning Management System (LMS)! This empowers educators to easily blend YouTube content into lesson plans, enhancing student engagement and interactivity. View this helpful article for more information on getting started.


Daily email digests for instructors:

The social experience is crucial to learning. Students and teachers need to be informed about activity happening on their content so that they can engage more frequently and more deeply. This is why we’re excited to announce our daily email digests for instructors! These emails are designed to keep instructors informed, keep track of student engagement, and enable prompt and personalized feedback. Learn more about the digests.


JSTOR & VitalSource integrations:

  • Hypothesis is pleased to announce our integrations with JSTOR and VitalSource Bookshelf! The new JSTOR-Hypothesis integration enables instructors to simply add a link to a specific piece of JSTOR content from within a course in their LMS. You can find more information about the integration here.
  • Instructors at participating schools are now also able to create Hypothesis assignments in their LMS using documents from VitalSource’s extensive collection of texts and eBooks. For more information on using Hypothesis with VitalSource, please view our guide.

Reusing Annotations with Import/Export

This new feature enables users to effortlessly transfer annotations made on an assignment from one semester to the next or copy annotations from one group to another in a single annotation assignment. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly reuse annotations from one assignment to another, saving valuable time and ensuring all annotations are transitioned to a new assignment.


Hypothesis LMS improvements:

Our LMS enhancements this year to provide a more fluid and intuitive user experience include:

Our Future Releases

(Still to come in the 2023 & 2024 Academic Year)

We are working on soon adding:

  • Providing better in-app and email notifications to keep the conversations flowing