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Red speech bubble with white text saying: The Hypothesis LMS app brings discussion directly to course content by enabling students and teachers to add comments and start conversations in the margins of their texts. Collaborative annotation engages students more deeply in course readings and gives teachers a view into how students are reading.

With the new Hypothesis LMS app it’s now easier than ever to get started using collaborative annotation in your classes. With the app installed in your LMS or course site:

  • You can enable Hypothesis on select readings (public web pages and PDFs)
  • Students don’t need to install anything
  • Students don’t need to sign up for or log into separate accounts
  • A private Hypothesis group is automatically generated for each course
  • All students in the course annotate in the private group by default on all readings

Many of us are moving to remote classes while trying to preserve the experience of learning together. Collaborative annotation helps people connect to each other and what they’re reading, even when they’re keeping their distance. To help out, we’ve waived all fees for educational institutions during 2020.

Contact us about our LMS Pilot Program that provides full support for schools looking to implement annotation.

Get Hypothesis in Your LMS

If you don’t see your LMS above and it supports the IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability standard, you can try out integration by choosing “Other” as your LMS.

For more technical information about installation and how the app works, see guidance and technical details.


Install the Hypothesis LMS App in your LMS and learn more about our pilot program for educational institutions.

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