I Annotate 2016

Our I Annotate conference has, since 2013, brought together users, developers, and standards-makers who share a common vision of an annotation-enabled web. In 2013, 2014, and 2015 we held the conference at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. This year we moved the venue to the Microsoft Atrium in Berlin. Why the change? Partly [...]

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Involving Page Owners in Annotation

UPDATE to a previous post "Preventing Abuse". UPDATE (2017-02-26) In 2016 we held a panel discussion on this subject at I Annotate. In light of recent events (here, here, and here), Hypothesis launched a small research initiative to gather different points of view about website publishers and authors consent to annotation. Our goal [...]

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Preventing Abuse

UPDATE (2016-05-24) "Involving page owners in annotation". Recent events (here, here, and here) have prompted us to rethink how the technology we are building can be used not only to discuss and enlighten, but also to harass and abuse. Here's the heart of the matter: most web annotation systems, ours included, don't currently provide [...]

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Fund: Annotations in Ebooks

We're excited to announce a new project funded via the Open Annotation Fund. A grant of $7,300 to Fred Chasen to develop EPUB format integration for Below is a re-post of the original announcement post at FuturePress: Annotations in Ebooks Epub.js, a JavaScript library for rendering ebooks (using the ePub format) in the browser [...]

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Fund: On-Demand Web Archiving Completion

Ilya Kreymer has completed the requirements for the On-Demand Web Archiving project funded via the Open Annotation Fund! You can read his write-up of the project below (re-posted from the blog): Introducing Browsertrix The final result of the On-Demand Web Archiving Project is the creation of a new tool called Browsertrix, designed to automate web archiving [...]

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Fund: Scaling Up Content Analysis

We’re excited to announce our third project funded via the Open Annotation Fund of $9000 for Text Thresher to develop an Annotator Content Analysis system. Read more about the project from their announcement post included below: The Text Thresher team and I are excited to announce that we have joined forces with and [...]

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Fund: On-Demand Web Archiving of Annotated Pages

We're excited to announce our second project funded via the Open Annotation Fund of $3000 for Ilya Kreymer to develop an API of On-Demand Web Archiving for Annotated Pages. The funded proposal is included below: Summary Whenever a web page changes or disappears, annotations on the page may no longer be viewable, unless the original [...]

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Announcing Anno.Fund

In July 2014, Hypothesis launched the Open Annotation Fund to provide financial support to open source web annotation projects. Since the launch, there's been one project completed, and a handful of submissions that are soon to be funded. However, we want more. The fund still contains more than $40,000 that can go towards supporting the [...]

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Older Browser Support in Annotator

Bill Hunt is a developer with the OpenGov Foundation, his article below is cross-posted from there. The Annotator Problem: New Tech in Older Web Browsers A few months ago, The OpenGov Foundation was awarded a grant from’ Open Annotation Fund to add cross-browser support for Annotator, the tool powering inline annotation on government policy [...]

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Fund: Cross-browser Support

We are very proud to announce the first award under our Open Annotation Fund of $7500 to the Open Gov Foundation for work by Chris Birk and Bill Hunt for cross-browser support in Annotator. Their funded proposal is included below: Summary The OpenGov Foundation is dedicated to developing and deploying technologies that support every citizen's [...]

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