Welcome to our bioscience portal, where we feature content and news about our program in biosciences.

Our goal for the program is two fold:

1)  to introduce the bioscience community to open, web-based annotation;

2)  to explore specialized uses within the biosciences to inform future development.

Attention Biocurators:  Interested in controlled tagging using Hypothesis?  We have developed some prototypes that allow Hypothesis to tag with controlled vocabularies and ontologies. We’d like your feedback. If interested, contact us.

Also, many in the Hypothesis community are developing tools using Hypothesis that handle more specialized use cases. See what they are up to and add your own.

Whether you are a researcher, student, educator, journal editor, funder or just a fan of bioscience, we think that Hypothesis can become an essential part of your work.


We are actively working with partners, and always looking for new ones, to develop new functionality and explore use cases.

Past Events

I Annotate 2017: San Francisco, California USA on 4-5 May 2017.

International Biocuration Meeting 2017: Hypothesis once again participated in the Gigascience Annotation Challenge 26-29 March, 2017 at Stanford University, California USA.

Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, California USA on Nov 12-16, 2016.

I Annotate 2016: Berlin, Germany on 19-20 May 2016.

Biocuration 2016: 10-14 April 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. Take the Community Curation Challenge! Use Hypothesis and iClickVal to annotate as fast as you can.

FORCE2016: 17-19 April 2016 in Portland, Oregon USA and the Annotating All Knowledge Kick Off Meeting on 17 April 2016.