Introduction: Our engineering leadership team (Lyza, Rob, Sean) crafted these values to capture foundational components of the technical ethos we’re working to cultivate at Hypothesis. These values describe our current engineering culture, but are also aspirational. Our values intentionally set a high bar so that we can continue to stretch ourselves and improve our team and engineering culture over time. Finally, these values expand on and move forward our core Hypothesis principles

1. Ship quickly, but sustainably

Ship useful stuff to our users frequently, but responsibly, by way of small iterations and resilient conventions.

Keep your changes small

Small pull requests (PRs) lead to stronger code, faster iteration, sustainable velocity and a happier team.

Smaller PRs with well-structured commits are a kindness to your reviewers, who benefit from a lighter context-switching demand. Code review cycles are speedier and of higher quality: reviewers are able to evaluate the entire change, quickly, without undue cognitive fatigue or LGTM-overwhelm.