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Our 15 August 2018 webinar centered on how Hypothesis is helping HighWire publishers like the American Diabetes Association (ADA) make their content come alive with open annotation, focusing on the simple steps to add open, standards-based annotation into your HighWire publication with Hypothesis. Former Director of Partnerships at Hypothesis Heather Staines was joined by Kenneth Gleason, HighWire’s Senior Product Manager, and Heather Norton Blackburn, Director, Scholarly Journals at ADA to explore how Hypothesis collaborates with HighWire publishers like the ADA to support and host annotations that enable authors, editors, invited experts, and readers to engage in discussion directly on a publication’s version of record.

Watch the webinar on YouTube and view or download the slides to learn more about the ADA’s use of annotations, and about group options and integrating annotation into your publications. For more, visit our companion blog post.