AnnotatED 2024

AnnotatED 2024

Empowering Learning through Social Annotation

Event Dates: April 17-18, 2024
Event Time: 12-3pm ET Both Days
Cost: Free

Welcome to AnnotatED 2024

The premier event for educators, administrators, and innovators passionate about enhancing learning through social annotation. Join us April 17-18 for a transformative experience that will deepen your understanding and application of social annotation in higher education.

About AnnotatED 2024

This year’s AnnotatED virtual conference is dedicated to exploring the dynamic and evolving role of social annotation in education. Our event brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and educators from around the globe to share insights, best practices, and innovative approaches in this field.

Key Themes:

  • The impact of social annotation on learning and engagement.
  • Future trends in social annotation and technology.
  • Building collaborative and inclusive learning environments.
  • Increasing student engagement and retention in courses.

Discussion Highlights:

Engage in a variety of interactive sessions, ranging from keynote presentations to panel discussions and roundtables, all centered around the practical and transformative potential of social annotation in educational settings.

Benefits of Attending:

Expanding Knowledge in Social Annotation:

Dive into the world of social annotation with experts and peers. Discover innovative ways to engage students and foster deeper understanding through collaborative annotation strategies. This event is designed for those looking to enhance their educational practices.

Professional Development and Actionable Insights:

Gain valuable insights and skills that you can apply directly to your teaching or administrative role. Leave AnnotatED 2024 not just with ideas, but with practical, actionable strategies that you can implement in your classroom right away. Our sessions are designed to provide you with tools and techniques that can be easily adapted to your teaching style and curriculum, ensuring that you can start making a difference immediately

Transforming Your Classrooms:

Learn how social annotation can revolutionize your teaching approach. Hear success stories and case studies from educators who have transformed their classrooms into dynamic, interactive learning environments. Get inspired to create a more engaging and participatory learning experience for your students.