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Collaborate and Communicate with Ease

Unlock the power of annotations with Publisher Groups. Whether you want to leave annotations over your content for your followers to see or keep the conversation within your team, you have the choice. Facilitate dynamic discussions and enhance collaboration effortlessly.

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Your Brand, Your Interface

Make your mark with a branded interface tailored to your company. Publisher Groups ensures your annotations and collaboration tools seamlessly integrate into your corporate identity, enhancing your presence.


Total Control Over Your Annotations

Maintain complete control over the content and discussions. With the ability to moderate annotations and delete unwanted comments, you can ensure the integrity and relevance of the conversation.

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Integration with Third-Party Accounts

Integrate effortlessly with third-party accounts and streamline your workflow. Hypothesis Business Annotator works with your existing tools and platforms, providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

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Enhanced Security and Control

Protect your data and ensure secure collaboration with enhanced security features. Publisher Groups offers robust control over the annotations made, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the privacy of your discussions.

Publisher Groups compared to the Hypothesis Web App: 


Publisher Groups Web App
Annotate anything online X X
Public annotations X X
Private annotations X X
No storage limits X X
Control who has access X
Company moderated annotations X
Branded X
Unique login X
Know who has created an account X
Increased security X
Enhanced company control X

Don’t just take our word for it

Discover how the City of Boston leveraged Publisher Groups to enrich their State of the City address with valuable insights and resources for their citizens by using annotations.

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Integration with Third Party Accounts

Our Publisher Groups also have the capability to integrate with your third party accounts. Connect with a team member to learn more about this integration. 

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