Annotation as Pre-writing for a Letter


While a public annotation, like a Tweet, is itself a kind of message to the next president, we can also think of our annotations as part of the process of thinking through what we might write to a candidate, the raw material from which we compose an actual letter.

Because annotations are rooted in the actual words of a candidate, they are a great way to directly engage with their ideas. In this assignment, you will use one of your best annotations–one you felt was strongest and/or most important to you personally. You will use it to draft a paragraph of your letter.

  1. Choose one of your best annotations
  2. Copy both highlighted text and your annotation into whatever program in which you plan to draft your letter–Word, Google Docs,
  3. Write a paragraph based on the annotation
    1. Incorporate the original quote into a sentence (“In your A More Perfect Union speech, you said…”)
    2. Use the quote as a jumping off point for delivering the message you want to the candidate
  4. Write the rest of your letter
  5. Publish the letter