About jakehartnell

Jake Hartnell was previously a designer at Hypothesis and is a web designer whose work at the UC Berkeley School of Information has revolved around HTML5 application building, enhanced ebooks, and rapidly evolving business models in publishing. He co-founded the UK record label Superstar Destroyer, helps run the open source project Epub.js, and has released his first novel, 23rd Century Romance.

Introducing Math

We are creating an annotation technology that can be used to enrich human knowledge. Today we take another step forward: Hypothes.is now supports math typesetting. You can now place beautifully formatted equations and mathematical symbols into annotations. To use math in your annotations, simply enclose supported LaTeX commands within enclosing \( .... \) for inline [...]

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Open Book 2014

This weekend, a group of about 50 developers met at the historic NY Public Library for the Open Book 2014 Hackathon with the goal of imagining a new future of digital books, as well as advancing the open source and open API building blocks needed for diverse ecosystems of authors, designers, developers, publishers, libraries, booksellers, [...]

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Open Ebooks

Digital publishing is one of the most exciting and most depressing areas on the web. "Exciting" because we are witnessing the dawn of a revolution in communications, and "depressing" because the revolution is too often proprietary. At Hypothes.is, we want the revolution to be open. My goal this summer was to enable open annotation in [...]

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Epub.js: Bringing Open Annotation to Books

Why should we annotate books? Here's a short story to illustrate: Once upon a time, there were two notable ink-makers, Amaz and Applet (there were others of course, but those two were the most important ink makers of the day). Both made special inks whose writing could only be read by people who subscribed to [...]

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