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2017: A Remarkable Year for Annotation

2017 was a landmark year for Hypothesis and open annotation. Catch up on a year's worth of annotation news and learn more about the latest progress in our mission to enable a conversation over the world's knowledge.

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10K Annotations in a Single Day

On 14 September, for the first time ever, Hypothesis users created over 10,000 annotations in a single day, as our growth in annotations continued to accelerate.

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Esther Dyson to Keynote I Annotate 2017

We are excited and honored to announce that digital pioneer Esther Dyson will deliver the opening keynote at I Annotate this year in San Francisco on Thursday morning, May 4, 2017. Across her multifaceted career, Dyson has engaged deeply in the fields where annotation thrives, including education, journalism, publishing, research, science, and technology. This year’s I Annotate themes of fact checking, digital literacy, and user engagement connect directly to her experience. “I’m especially excited to speak at I Annotate,” says Dyson, “I started my career as a fact-checker for Forbes magazine and have a longtime passion both for the truth and for freedom of speech.” Dyson was also an early investor in Flickr, which pioneered web based image annotation, and social tagging company, which give her an intimate familiarity with the technical goals and user benefits that an interoperable annotation paradigm can bring.

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Hypothesis: Meeting the Audrey Test for Educational Technology

Anyone working on or with educational technology should take the work of Audrey Watters—widely known as the "Cassandra" of #edtech—very seriously. If your work withers under Audrey's critical gaze, you've got more work to do. In that spirit, I wanted to hold Hypothesis up to the kind of scrutiny that Audrey might provide. Back in 2012, Audrey posted "The Audrey Test": Or, What Should Every Techie Know About Education? on her must-read Hack Education blog. The Audrey Test includes a short list of questions that she suggests every #edtech project, product, or company should answer in order to meet the high expectations we should all hold when we are working on educational tools that engage in what we should think of as "high stakes environments with other people's children." How does Hypothesis fare in The Audrey Test?

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