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Nate Angell, Director of Marketing at Hypothesis, is an evangelist who connects people, ideas, and technologies to make things better. He has worked across a wide variety of public and private institutions, focusing on community development, digital communications, meaningful education, open technologies, and sustainable growth. Nate studied, taught, and researched topics in film, television, and digital media at Brown University, and the history and literature of Latin America at Columbia University. Learn more about Nate on his LinkedIn profile, his blog, his Twitter stream, or his stream of public Hypothesis annotations.

Breaking Boundaries With Social Annotation: An Interview With Amanda Licastro

Amanda Licastro talks about how she uses social annotation in a wide variety of different classes and assignments to build classroom community, digital literacies, and scholarly practice with her students.

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Cambridge University Press Teams with Hypothesis to Add New Layers of Knowledge on Cambridge Core

Cambridge University Press is launching Hypothesis social annotation on key Cambridge Core publications to support annotations from authors and editors at the Press and the wider scholarly community.

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