An Illustrated Taxonomy of Annotation Types

I'm often asked: "What does the software do?" The elevator pitch is easy. "Visit a web page, then select some text and annotate with comments or tags. You'll see those annotations when you return to the page, and so will other Hypothesis users." As a general proposition that seems to make sense to almost [...]

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Really, You Can Annotate Anything

Well, any text, that is. Hypothesis is working with various partners on image and video annotation, but this blog is about the range of texts that you can annotate using the app. For a long time, I've limited my pitch to teachers, telling them that they could collaboratively annotate readings with their students if the texts were [...]

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Using Atom feeds to receive Hypothesis notifications in Slack

Update: We have since implemented RSS and that turns out to be a better solution than Atom for Slack integration. To use it, just change stream.atom to stream.rss in the examples here. At Hypothesis we've recently started using Slack for team communication. We've also recently spruced up our Atom feed. Let's look at how you [...]

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Integrating Hypothesis using Ajax and CORS

We've recently added two ways to integrate Hypothesis with other systems: CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) and Atom. We'll explore what you can do with CORS here, and with Atom feeds in another post. It's long been possible to embed Hypothesis in an iframe on a web page. On this page you can see two examples. The first [...]

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Synchronizing Annotations Between Local and Remote PDFs

People are sometimes surprised to learn that can annotate PDFs. They're even more surprised when they learn you can annotate a local copy of a PDF in a way that synchronizes with another local copy and/or with a web copy of the same PDF. Here's a browser with a local PDF in one tab [...]

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