Collaborative Resource Curation

Recently we decided to keep better track of tweets, blog posts, and other web resources that mention and discuss our product. There are two common ways to do that: send links to a list maintainer, or co-edit a shared list of links. And here's a third way, less common but arguably more powerful and flexible: tag the web resources in situ.

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Hypothesis Chrome Extension Permissions

When you install the Chrome extension, you will receive a notification from the Chrome browser asking for a certain set of permissions.     Chrome overstates what needs permission to do -- we don't use your camera, for example!  We ask for these permissions because the extension needs them in order to work [...]

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DIY @mentions

A posse of Hypothesis users got together for delightful exploration that started with Playful Annotation in the Open and continued in the Hypothesis annotation layer for that blog post. (And then in an annotation layer on that annotation layer!) One of the questions that came up was about @mentions:   Until @mentions are an in-app feature [...]

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The Annotated FAQ

A few weeks ago we published a frequently-asked questions page at In the time-honored tradition of the internet FAQ, we want ours to be a living document that evolves as we add features and interact with users. That tradition is often more honored in the breach than the observance, but we have an ace [...]

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An Illustrated Taxonomy of Annotation Types

I'm often asked: "What does the software do?" The elevator pitch is easy. "Visit a web page, then select some text and annotate with comments or tags. You'll see those annotations when you return to the page, and so will other Hypothesis users." As a general proposition that seems to make sense to almost [...]

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