Webinar: Hypothesis Annotation in Your LMS, Now with Gradebook Integration

Webinar: Annotation Groups for Publishers With Hypothesis

On 21 February 2018 we held a webinar to demonstrate the new annotation groups capabilities Hypothesis launched in partnership with science publisher eLife. We explored how publishers can now offer dedicated groups to tailor the annotation experience on their content and enable authors, editors, invited experts, and readers to engage in discussion directly on [...]

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Webinar: Implementing Hypothesis for Publishers

In our second webinar dedicated to annotation for publishers, on 8 September 2017, we focused on how easy it is to integrate annotation into publications. During the webinar, former Director of Partnerships Heather Staines and Director of Marketing Nate Angell talked about how to embed annotation in any platform or website and more advanced [...]

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Webinar: Annotation for Publishers

In our first webinar dedicated to annotation for publishers, we posed 10 questions you should ask about annotation. During the webinar, former Director of Partnerships Heather Staines and CEO Dan Whaley talked about how Hypothesis answers those questions for publishers as the provider of an open, interoperable annotation platform. The webinar also included an [...]

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Hypothesis in Canvas: Collaborative Annotation as Discussion Forum 2.0

Let's be honest, discussion forums are a great idea—we all want students to engage more with their assigned readings and with their classmates. But “discussion” forums fail at precisely what they claim to do: cultivate quality conversation. Collaborative annotation assignments are a better way to encourage students to engage more deeply with course content and with each other. Using Hypothesis, instructors can make PDFs and web pages hosted in Canvas annotatable. You may have missed our live webinar on 4 April 2017, but you can watch the recording and view the slides to learn more about the pedagogical value of collaborative annotation and be given a guided tour in setting up and using the Hypothesis tool in Canvas.

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