Use these brand guidelines with any print or digital project that requires the use of Hypothesis brand assets (e.g., logo, colors, or typefaces).

What is Hypothesis?

Hypothesis is a tool that enables you to make notes in the margins of digital texts anywhere on the web and share them with others. Using social annotation fosters collaborative discussion, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of readings.

Who is Hypothesis?

Hypothesis is a mission-driven organization dedicated to the development and spread of open, standards-based annotation technologies and practices that enable anyone to annotate anywhere on the web. Our mission is to help people reason more effectively together through a shared, collaborative discussion layer over all knowledge. Hypothesis is based in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a worldwide team.

How to spell Hypothesis

Use “Hypothesis” in all copy. “,” with a period before the i, is used only in our wordmark and domain name.

Use Hypothesis’ rather than Hypothesis’s for possession. E.g., Hypothesis’ user experience is so elegant!


  • Wordmark and icon: Myriad Pro Semibold
  • General: Lato