Canvas App Protip: Adding Group Home to Navigation

Adding a link to open your group home page to the left-side navigation  in your Canvas course is just a way to make viewing group activity across multiple documents easier. The group home page can of course also be opened from within the annotation side bar on any document for which is activated.

On the group home page, teachers and students can see the group’s activity across documents, and view this activity further filtered by username, document, or tag.

To add a link to the group home page in your Canvas navigation, follow the steps below:

First, you’ll need to go to Settings > Apps:

The apps page in Canvas


In the search box, search for “redirect tool”:


The Canvas redirect tool


Clicking on the blue arrow, you’ll be asked to enter some information.



Name the app whatever you want it to be labeled as in the Canvas navigation, something like “Annotation group home”.

Enter the URL for your group in the URL direct window.

Click “Show in Course Navigation”.

Your group home page can now be easily opened from the navigation of your Canvas course.