Where, and how, has Hypothesis appeared in peer reviewed scholarship?

This page is a complement to the full AnnotatED bibliography, a public Zotero library which curates scholarship about annotation and learning. The AnnotatED bibliography includes scholarship that is both historic and contemporary, germane to multiple disciplines, and inclusive of any mediating technology. This page — which concerns scholarship expressly about or featuring Hypothesis — is organized into four categories.

  1. Empirical educational research: Evidence-based studies that feature research questions and/or objectives, and in which Hypothesis is an important feature of the study design, data collection and analysis, findings, and/or research implications.
  2. Scholarship about the educational affordances of Hypothesis: Scholarship that mentions Hypothesis as an example of the broader “genre” of social annotation and/or describes how Hypothesis may be used in various learning activities and environments.
  3. Scholarship about the social and scientific affordance