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Hypothesis holds all your conversations together with web annotation.

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Unify collaboration across all teams within one app.

As your tech stack expands, so does the ecosystem of your company’s knowledge and discussions. Annotating with Hypothesis doesn’t replace your existing tools – it creates a cohesive layer on top of them, enabling teams to have more productive conversations anywhere.

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Keep everyone on the same page.

Since Hypothesis is built on W3C standards, you can use it as a mark-up tool for anything online. Instead of copy-and-pasting information or having conversations spread out across multiple platforms, teams can comment directly on webpages, videos, web apps, PDFs, and more. The result?  Fewer steps, improved clarity, and more focused collaboration.

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Set teams up for success.

Our enterprise solution is made for business. Conversations are secure and only shared within your organization. Team members can annotate with text, images, and links, as well as tag colleagues in a thread to improve visibility. Plus, control internal access with private groups for departments or projects.

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Preserve knowledge, save time.

Hypothesis decentralizes your company’s institutional knowledge, enabling teams to work more efficiently and minimize the risk of costly errors. Annotations are durably linked to the original source and your organization’s account, so conversations never disappear, even if contributors move on.


Seamlessly integrates with Confluence.

Hypothesis for Confluence will soon be available in the Atlassian Marketplace. With our native integration, team members can log into Hypothesis using their corporate credentials and view a central feed of annotations right in their workspace.

Put social annotation to work.

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