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Liquid Margins 26: Bodies of Knowledge: Teaching Health Professions With Social Annotation


On Liquid Margins “Bodies of Knowledge: Teaching Health Professions With Social Annotation,” we discuss the ways in which social reading is leading to student success in one of the most popular majors. Join us for a great conversation with guests Danica Sumpter, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Texas School of Nursing, and Rachel Derr, Director of Pre-licensure Programs and Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers University Camden School of Nursing.

Please note that this Liquid Margins episode is airing on a Thursday, as opposed to the usual Friday.

Also note: Liquid Margins is a show where we gather to talk about collaborative annotation, social learning, and other ways we make knowledge together. If you’d like to learn more about Hypothesis and see a demo, register for an upcoming Hypothesis 101 webinar or watch a Hypothesis 101 recording.

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