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In this special year-end episode, Liquid Margins hosts Franny French and Nate Angell will curate and recap some of their favorite moments from the show. Rather than limiting our review to just this year, we’ll take a retrospective look at all 27 episodes, going all the way back to the show’s inception in 2020. Of course we love every Liquid Margins episode and are so appreciative of the wonderful guests who have generously taken the time to join us on the show, so the selection won’t be easy or exhaustive. We hope you’ll join us for a fun look back on some of the great content that you and the rest of the social annotation community have helped to build. Do you have your own favorite moments from Liquid Margins? Let us know and we’ll try to fit them into this holiday show.

Note: Liquid Margins is a show where we gather to talk about collaborative annotation, social learning, and other ways we make knowledge together. If you’d like to learn more about Hypothesis and see a demo, register for an upcoming Hypothesis 101 webinar or watch a Hypothesis 101 recording.