I Annotate 2013

About 100 technologists, hackers, publishers, scientists, scholars, and librarians from around the world gathered at Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA, for the I Annotate conference, underwritten by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Hosted by Hypothesis, the conference focused on the twin objectives of showcasing progress in the annotation toolbox and exploring how to [...]

I Annotate 2014

The second annual I Annotate conference brought together the worldwide annotation community to share developments, insights, and challenges, and to forge new connections. For more, visit our companion blog post.

Annotations at the W3C

A dedicated group of individuals worked diligently toward a web annotation standard — the idea being that annotation is something that will be fundamental to the future of the web and should be interoperable, and eventually incorporated into browsers. The first chance for a face to face meeting of this new group came during [...]

I Annotate 2015

The third annual I Annotate conference, dedicated to annotation technologies and practices. For more, visit the official I Annotate site.

I Annotate 2016

The fourth annual I Annotate conference, dedicated to annotation technologies and practices, took place 19-20 May 2016. For more, visit our companion blog post.

I Annotate 2017

The fifth annual I Annotate, a gathering dedicated to advancing digital annotation practices and technologies, took place in San Francisco from 3-6 May. I Annotate expanded the annotation community to include more participants from education, journalism, publishing, research, science, and technology, focusing on themes of fact checking, user engagement, and digital literacy. For more, [...]

Dive Into Open Annotation at FORCE11 2017 Summer Workshops

Jon Udell and Maryann Martone from Hypothesis are leading two intensive courses on annotation in scholarly communication this summer at the FORCE11 Scholarly Communications Summer Institute (FSCI), a week-long training program at the University of California, San Diego, 31 July–4 August, 2017. Open Annotation Tools and Techniques is a hands-on workshop designed to engage [...]