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Overview of the Hypothesis System

Introduction Hypothesis delivers a set of components and capabilities that work together to enable a wide range of annotation-powered applications....
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How to Use Domain-level Search

Note: Domain-level search is available when searching for annotations (not on the search bars on our public-facing website, which you’re...
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Deleting an Annotation

To delete one of your annotations, open the page or document that contains the annotation. (Tip: You can do this...
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Creating a Private Annotation

To create an annotation that only you can see, follow the steps below: 1. Highlight the selection you wish to...
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How to Join a Private Group

To join a private group, you must be invited by the creator or a member of that group. They will...
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How to Create a Private Group

Private Groups allow you to annotate privately with a group of Hypothesis users. Only group members can see annotations created...
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Making an Annotation Private

If you’ve created an annotation in the Public layer or within a group, you can make the annotation private at...
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Annotating with Groups

When Groups were first introduced at Hypothesis, there was only one possible configuration: Private Groups. Since then, we have created...
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Installing the Bookmarklet

For those who use Firefox, Safari, and other browsers, our Bookmarklet provides an easy way to use Hypothesis in the...
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Installing the Chrome Extension

While using Google Chrome, follow this link to the Hypothesis extension in the Chrome Web Store. Click on “ADD TO...
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How to OCR-optimize PDFs

Sometimes you may find yourself working with a PDF in which none of the text is selectable. This usually happens...
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Annotating Locally-saved PDFs

Hypothesis syncs annotations across copies of the same PDF based on a “fingerprint” or unique ID. That means you can...
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Hosting PDFs for Annotation

You can provide Hypothesis annotation ability on top of PDFs you host online using our PDF.js + Hypothesis project to...
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Annotation Basics

If you don’t have a free Hypothesis account yet or need to equip your browser with our extension or bookmarklet,...
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Quick Start Guide

Because Chrome is the optimal browser for using Hypothesis, we recommend adding our Chrome extension. Follow the steps below to...
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Moderation for groups

LMS groups follow these same rules, with a few caveats. Click here to read about moderation for LMS groups. The...
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Installing the Hypothesis LMS App

Choose your LMS below to install and use Hypothesis: Blackboard Brightspace Canvas Moodle Sakai Schoolology (Note: Each of these guides...
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How Hypothesis Search Works

When you navigate to the Hypothesis Activity Page you can see annotations and filter them by user, tag, group, URL,...
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Grading Student Annotations in D2L

When you create a Hypothesis-enabled reading in D2L, our grading feature will be available by default. Once students have annotated...
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Grading Student Annotations in Moodle

The Hypothesis LMS app has been integrated with Moodle’s Grades, making it easier to assess student annotations. The integration singles...
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