Enabling Sections for Canvas in Pre-existing Installations

Enabling Sections for Canvas in Pre-existing Installations2020-10-05T05:56:31-07:00
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Note: this article applies to installations of the Hypothesis LMS app created before 26 May 2020. Installs completed on or after 26 May 2020 will automatically include the Sections feature if Canvas Developer Credentials are provided during installation.

For all installations on 26 May 2020 or later, the Hypothesis app will create a group for each Section in a Course. To learn more about how this works, see our help article: Annotating with Sections in Canvas.

Prior to 26 May 2020, the Hypothesis LMS app would provision one Hypothesis group per Canvas Course. If you installed the Hypothesis LMS app for your Canvas instance before 26 May 2020 and do nothing, the Hypothesis LMS app will continue to create a single Course group for each Canvas Course, and all past annotations will remain visible to all users. If you would like to opt in to using Canvas Sections, please see our instructions below.

In the past we recommended you complete this upgrade yourself, even if it was mid-semester. We no longer recommend this, and instead recommend you only upgrade between academic terms. This applies to both methods of upgrading Hypothesis.


How do I integrate Sections with Hypothesis?

Option 1: Use a Hypothesis Key/Secret pair that was created on or after 26 May 2020

Our recommended method is to uninstall and reinstall Hypothesis in Canvas (or just install, if you don’t already have Hypothesis in Canvas). This article will take you step-by-step through an installation of Hypothesis. When you create a new Hypothesis Key and Secret as part of the installation process, you need to include Canvas Developer Key information as outlined here. If your Developer Keys are scoped, you will need to enable the API endpoints per this GitHub issue


Option 2: Contact Hypothesis to turn on Canvas Sections

Hypothesis can turn on Canvas Sections for you, provided you meet these requirements:

  • You already have a Hypothesis installation that includes Canvas Files access.
  • If you are enforcing scopes in your Canvas Developer Key, you’ve confirmed you’re allowing all of the API endpoints mentioned here.
  • You are officially piloting Hypothesis (you’ve signed an MoU with us) or you are a paid partner.

If you meet all of these requirements, please set up a meeting with your Success Manager (click here) and have the following information ready:

  • Confirmation that your Canvas Developer Key is either unscoped, or scoped according to these specifications.
  • Confirmation of your institution’s `tool_consumer_instance_guid`, per the LTI standard here.


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