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The EdUp Experience Podcast

24 October, 2023
Hypothesis' Founder & CEO Dan Whaley takes the spotlight on TheEdUp episode 730. Together with host Elvin Freytes and cohost Dr. Janet Spriggs, President of Forsyth Technical Community College, they explore how social annotation software is transforming teaching and learning. Delve into creative ways instructors leverage Hypothesis, its impact on student engagement, and Dan's vision for the future of Higher Education.


19 October, 2023
Hypothesis, a web annotation tool highlighted by Filestage, takes center stage in the data-driven landscape. In their exploration of annotation tools, they showcase Hypothesis for its seamless annotation of web pages and PDF documents. With collaborative features, privacy controls, and integration with learning management systems, Hypothesis stands out, offering versatile solutions for enhanced collaboration and understanding in web annotation. Explore the efficiency of annotation tools with Filestage's insights and Hypothesis at the forefront.

Hindustan Times Tech

9 September, 2023
Explore the transformative power of Social Annotation in modern education with Hypothesis. Learn how this innovative tool enhances student engagement, collaboration, and digital literacy, revolutionizing the virtual classroom experience for the 21st century.


1 September, 2023
Hypothesis takes the spotlight in Usersnap's exploration of website annotation tools, addressing the frustration of cluttered web pages and the need for effective collaboration. In their 2023 review, this community-driven, and open-source tool stands out, fostering web discussions and collaboration. With a humble focus on simplicity and efficiency, Hypothesis is among the top 13 web page annotation tools featured in this insightful article.

The Yorkshire Post

31 August, 2023
In modern educational settings, tools such as ChatGPT, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), are already being employed to create collaborative learning atmospheres, aid educators in verifying answers, and support students in completing assignments. However, the broad implementation of AI in higher education is a recent development, and educational institutions are working to catch up with this advancement. For a more in-depth exploration of this topic, you can read this article by Joe Ferraro, VP of Hypothesis-Revenue, where he delves into this discussion.

23 August, 2023
Hypothesis stands out in the world of website annotation tools, alongside and Filestage. Discover its power for seamless collaboration—annotate, highlight, and comment effortlessly. Ideal for students and creative minds, Hypothesis excels in annotating text on any web page. Looking for a free website feedback tool? Hypothesis has you covered. Dive into effective website annotation with Hypothesis and other stellar tools on this list!

En El Nacional

12 August, 2023
Amidst the transformative wave of EdTech reshaping education, Latin America has witnessed remarkable growth, driven by innovations like Hypothesis. This tool enables collaborative learning through online annotations and resource sharing, fostering inclusive education. As we embrace the future of learning, EdTech, with Hypothesis at its forefront, continues to enhance educational experiences, accelerating learning and skill development.


7 August, 2023
Hypothesis is driving inclusivity amid Europe's push for equitable higher education. Backed by the EU, this movement faces challenges, but Hypothesis emerges as a pioneering Edtech solution, reshaping education and bridging gaps for diverse learners and educators, propelling a more inclusive future.

Pulse 2.0

2 August, 2023
Hypothesis, led by CEO Dan Whaley, is transforming online engagement with its annotation software, enabling users to interact with diverse content. With over 50 million annotations, it's enhancing education and collaboration through interactivity. Whaley's innovation and Hypothesis's unique approach to information clarity and open source position it in a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars.


21 July, 2023
Indiana University Bloomington has taken a progressive step in transforming the first-year student experience with the utilization of Hypothesis, a leading digital annotation tool. This partnership, initiated in Fall 2020, aimed at enhancing engagement and fostering a stronger sense of community in the university’s first-year composition writing seminar.