History of Mathematics Syllabus Annotation Assignment

By Paul R. McCreary of The Evergreen State College – Tacoma

Description #

This assignment contains the instructions/prompts for the first Hypothesis assignment in a History of Mathematics course which will involve annotating the course syllabus. Since this is the first exposure many students will have to Hypothesis, performance will be graded strictly on whether or not they fully participate in the activity. Any student who posts two annotations plus two responses to classmate annotations will receive full credit. 

Assignment #

Find at least two spots in the Syllabus (viewable below) about which you have a comment or question. Some examples might be: 

  • express something you’re excited about in the course
  • comment on something you are nervous about, interested in, or have never heard of before

Make an annotation by:

  1. Selecting text at that spot
  2. Selecting the “annotation” icon
  3. Typing in your comment/question
  4. Click the “post” button

After classmates have posted comments/questions, select at least two posts to which you wish to respond. Post your responses to their posted annotations. Here is a YouTube video with some instructions for using Hypothesis. 

Syllabus: #