Reflections on Current Social Issues

By Temur Gugushvili of International Black Sea University

Description #

This assignment is given to first-year students in Sociology. The course introduces students to classical and contemporary sociologists and research methods. Throughout the class, students write a blog addressing current societal issues. One of the assignments employs Hypothesis to familiarize students with the writing style of blogs and social annotation practices. 

Assignment #

Select a blog post from this list of recommended blogs and sources. Use Hypothesis to annotate the posts, writing at least two annotations:

  • One annotation that summarizes the article
  • Another annotation that responds to or reflects on the article’s main points

Notes #

Some of the students tried to annotate the same blog, which gave me ideas for next time to encourage students to reflect on the same article and interact with each other. The assignment helps students in writing a blog article on their own. They see examples of how blogs address issues important for society using different information and data sources.

License #

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license