What We Provide (Service Scope)

Hypothesis provides several services that work in concert to provide a means for annotating the web. These include the following:

  • API: Application Programming Interfaces used to interact with our backend systems (e.g., telling the server to create a new annotation).
  • Via: Proxy service used to inject the Hypothesis client into a web page.
  • Sidebar/client: User interface used to add annotations to web pages and PDFs.
  • Browser Extensions: Software that extends the native browser experience to enable annotation through the Hypothesis Sidebar.

All Hypothesis user data is currently stored on servers in the United States.

Service Availability

Hypothesis will use commercially reasonable efforts to make our services available with the applicable monthly service availability percentage (as defined below) during any calendar month.

Monthly service availability percentage (sometimes referred to as “uptime”) is defined as follows:

(maximum available minutes − minutes of unavailability)  ∕ maximum available minutes

  • 99.9% monthly service availability for business-critical services (e.g., the ability to annotate a web page)
  • 99% monthly service availability for non-business-critical services (e.g., real-time updates)

For example, 99.9% service availability equates to no more than 43 minutes of unavailability in a 30-day month.


Responding to Outages

Partners can file support requests in the