Teachers have known the value of having students annotate texts for a long time. It’s a natural progression to annotate text online. What I like about Hypothes.is is the ability for my students and I to annotate the open web and share our thoughts with anybody.

– Chris Sloan, English Teacher, Judge Memorial Catholic High School

No matter what I teach–poems, essays, fiction–I want students to learn the profits and pleasures of careful, engaged reading. To cultivate this kind of reading and learning, I’ve tried a lot of previous annotation tools but Hypothes.is finally delivers on the promise of digital annotation. Its clean, flexible interface makes it both easy and powerful for students.  Its support for multimedia annotation and syndication opens creative ways for students to represent their reading experience and for teachers to understand and work with student response. Hypothes.is opens the doors to the networked scriptorium.

– Larry Hanley, English Professor, San Francisco State

From finding key moments to highlighting unfamiliar words. From character analysis to questioning evidence. From analyzing rhetorical appeals to online peer revision. The boundaries of annotating are limited only by the learners’ and facilitator’s lack of imagination. Hypothes.is is a long awaited tool to engage and encourage collaborative interaction with online text.

– Janelle Bence, English Teacher, New Tech High School @Coppell

Hypothesis has completely transformed my teaching this year. My students thoroughly enjoy the social aspect of annotating texts this way, and have delved more deeply into their readings as they respond to each other in the margins