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Arti Walker-Peddakotla, Director of Engineering at Hypothesis, is a former product manager, scientist, and US Army veteran, and currently serves as a part-time local elected official. After serving in the US Army, and getting her M.S. in Microbiology, Arti leveraged her experience solving complex scientific problems to pursue a career in technology, where she has worked as a product manager in both VC backed and privately held startups, working to guide product strategy and development.

Moderating Annotations

One of the most requested features we’re consistently asked for here at Hypothesis is the ability for group creators to moderate annotations that are made by group members. The rationale for this request is easy to understand. When someone creates an annotation group, and invites other Hypothesis members to that group, there are unspoken codes [...]

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Showing Orphaned Annotations

Reuniting annotations with their targets in real time is core to the recently standardized web annotation model. This is fundamental to web annotation’s key benefits: that annotations lay over the web, can enable the collaborative annotation of documents like PDFs, can be searched and discovered across documents and websites, and, importantly, are under users’ control instead of publishers’. Learn how Hypothesis' ensures annotators can find annotations that have become unanchored to content.

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Introducing Search and Profiles

Up until now, Hypothesis users have been able to annotate, reply to, and read through annotations. These basic capabilities have generated an explosion of activity: as of yesterday, our community has created a total of 882,053 annotations! With this release we're introducing two key features to help you navigate this new layer of information spreading across the web: Search now makes it easy to filter all annotations by keyword, tag, group, or linked page. Profiles finally provide a true home for users and groups—both for themselves, and for others that want to explore their annotations.

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A new way to catch up on updates

Whether you’re annotating a single document in a large group, or you’re annotating a page at the same time as another Hypothesis user, you can now see if any updates are available, apply the updates, and read through them without disrupting your annotation experience. Previously, if annotations came in while you were reading or commenting, [...]

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