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Benjamin Young was previously Developer Advocate at Hypothesis. Benjamin hates computers. There is so much promise but some frustrating failings. Twenty-five years after the start of the Web there remains no standard for commenting, and collaborative authoring platforms tightly integrate their own solutions or leave them out altogether. He joined Hypothesis to bring ideas about these issues into broader developer consciousness.

Fund: Annotations in Ebooks

We're excited to announce a new project funded via the Open Annotation Fund. A grant of $7,300 to Fred Chasen to develop EPUB format integration for Below is a re-post of the original announcement post at FuturePress: Annotations in Ebooks Epub.js, a JavaScript library for rendering ebooks (using the ePub format) in the browser [...]

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Fund: On-Demand Web Archiving Completion

Ilya Kreymer has completed the requirements for the On-Demand Web Archiving project funded via the Open Annotation Fund! You can read his write-up of the project below (re-posted from the blog): Introducing Browsertrix The final result of the On-Demand Web Archiving Project is the creation of a new tool called Browsertrix, designed to automate web archiving [...]

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Fund: Scaling Up Content Analysis

We’re excited to announce our third project funded via the Open Annotation Fund of $9000 for Text Thresher to develop an Annotator Content Analysis system. Read more about the project from their announcement post included below: The Text Thresher team and I are excited to announce that we have joined forces with and [...]

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Fund: On-Demand Web Archiving of Annotated Pages

We're excited to announce our second project funded via the Open Annotation Fund of $3000 for Ilya Kreymer to develop an API of On-Demand Web Archiving for Annotated Pages. The funded proposal is included below: Summary Whenever a web page changes or disappears, annotations on the page may no longer be viewable, unless the original [...]

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I Annotate Hack Days

I Annotate is a two day collaborative conversation centered around annotation on April 23 - 24th in San Francisco. After all that inspiration, we're confident attendees will want to code something! So, we've added two more days to the event for some heads down coding time. We're also inviting anyone who's got an annotation project—no [...]

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Announcing Anno.Fund

In July 2014, Hypothesis launched the Open Annotation Fund to provide financial support to open source web annotation projects. Since the launch, there's been one project completed, and a handful of submissions that are soon to be funded. However, we want more. The fund still contains more than $40,000 that can go towards supporting the [...]

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Meet Via

We’ve streamlined adding your thoughts to the Web. Our new home page features a field for pasting in any URL and annotating it. We call this system Via. Via simplifies the sharing and creation of annotations, highlights, and comments without the need of a browser extension or bookmarklet. Once you’ve left an annotation on a [...]

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Back from Budapest headed to Hungary this January for some seasonal face-to-face time with our team. Tackling the problem of Web Annotation remotely works great most of the year. These face-to-face meetings give us a chance to understand more about our team than our tech. We focused on moving off our fork of Annotator 1.2.6. We achieved [...]

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Climate Annotation Workshop – December 18th & 19th aims to organize the community of climate scientists to annotate online media and provide readers and authors with in-situ feedback about the scientific credibility of information. Our very own Dan Whaley will be speaking at the Climate Feedback workshop on December 18th @ 6:30 pm. The following morning, will be hosting a morning [...]

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Open Annotation RDFa using JSON

The Open Annotation Core Data Model is something we're keen to include in future releases. We're exploring using it via JSON-LD natively in AnnotatorJS. Along the way, we're experimenting and growing our understanding of the specification. RDFa allows us to mix the Open Annotation Core Data Model into existing HTML markup. In an effort [...]

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