Back from Budapest

By bigbluehat | 23 January, 2015 headed to Hungary this January for some seasonal face-to-face time with our team.

Tackling the problem of Web Annotation remotely works great most of the year. These face-to-face meetings give us a chance to understand more about our team than our tech.

We focused on moving off our fork of Annotator 1.2.6. We achieved that earlier in the week than expected, and also had the chance to upgrade to Annotator 1.2.9! There’s still more monkey patching in our code than we’d like, but we are now on a much stronger footing for eventually moving to Annotator 2.0.

Beyond the coding, we got some labyrinth exploring done under Buda castle, ate some fabulous goulash, and learned our way around the fabulous city of Budapest.

Our next great group adventure is I Annotate 2015 where we look forward to hanging out with the wider annotating world, talking tech, and spending a couple days hacking in San Francisco.

If you’re interested in annotation, we’d love to have you join us at I Annotate 2015 (free tickets, btw!).

If you’re interested in joining us on future team face-to-face weeks, check out our jobs page (pro-tip: we’re hiring!).

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