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Lena Gunn was previously Engineering Manager at Hypothesis and comes from a background of Journalism and Human Rights. She studied the emergence of Open Source communities in Latin America, and later worked as a PM for cooperatives and non-profits. She co-founded SulaBatsú, a social research coop in Costa Rica. Lena was part of the team that brought Twitter to 35+ supported languages.

Counting Down to a Million Annotations

By the end of today, someone will make the one-millionth Hypothesis annotation. Who will it be? Will they be factchecking a news article? Linking crucial information to a scientific study? Unpacking a short story with other students? Collecting data for new research? We are about to find out!

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The Margin #2 – New Features and Open Positions

The Margin Newsletter #2 Since we last updated you we’ve accomplished a tremendous amount. We’ve shipped key enhancements (and have many more in store), made life easier for developers, hired staff and secured substantially more funding. We’re excited to bring you some of our recent news, and hope you might connect us to some new [...]

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Involving Page Owners in Annotation

UPDATE to a previous post "Preventing Abuse". UPDATE (2017-02-26) In 2016 we held a panel discussion on this subject at I Annotate. https://youtu.be/i2yFnu_pCGI?t=1s In light of recent events (here, here, and here), Hypothesis launched a small research initiative to gather different points of view about website publishers and authors consent to annotation. Our goal [...]

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