About memartone

Maryann Martone was previously Director of Biosciences and Scholarly Communications at Hypothesis and before that, was at UCSD, where she led the Neuroscience Information Framework (NIF), a national project to establish a uniform resource description framework for neuroscience, and the NIDDK Information Network (dknet), a portal for connecting researchers in digestive, kidney and metabolic disease to data, tools, and materials. She served as a Co-Investigator on the Monarch Initiative, a knowledge base for linking model systems to human disease. She is Editor-in-Chief of Brain and Behavior, and a Senior Editor at two new journals, Collabra and Nature Scientific Data. Dr. Martone is President of FORCE11, an organization dedicated to advancing scholarly communication and e-scholarship. Maryann Martone received her BA from Wellesley College in Biological Psychology and Ancient Greek and her Ph. D. in Neuroscience from the University of California, San Diego. She spent over 30 years at UCSD and is currently on leave from her position as Professor of Neuroscience. She started her career as a neuroanatomist, specializing in light and electron microscopy, but her main research for the past 15 years focused on informatics for neuroscience, i.e., neuroinformatics.