About tilgovi

Randall Leeds was previously a developer at Hypothesis and builds software and community through open-source projects. Previously a developer at Meebo, his experience with scalable data storage and messaging systems informs the architectural directions of the Hypothesis platform. Together with Max Ogden, he co-authored a 2-1-1 directory system that was recognized by the White House Champions of Change program on technology and innovation. He believes the responsible application of technology can help create healthy, participatory societies.

Welcoming Aron Carroll

Earlier this summer Aron Carroll joined the team here at Hypothesis. That makes this post a little overdue, but no less enthusiastic. Aron has a solid history of interests and work extremely relevant to our team here and the broader annotation community. Recently, Aron worked at Readmill fine tuning their user experience through data-driven improvements [...]

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Welcoming Benjamin Young

This Monday we added Benjamin Young to the Hypothes.is team as Developer Advocate. Developer Advocacy is a key role in spreading knowledge and know-how among developers, encouraging use of world changing ideas, and generally banging the drum about the greatness of something. We believe the Web is super great, and it could be even better [...]

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