Welcoming Aron Carroll

By tilgovi | 14 August, 2014

Earlier this summer Aron Carroll joined the team here at Hypothesis. That makes this post a little overdue, but no less enthusiastic. Aron has a solid history of interests and work extremely relevant to our team here and the broader annotation community.

Recently, Aron worked at Readmill fine tuning their user experience through data-driven improvements to their application. However, some of you may know Aron as one of the original contributors to the Annotator project. While working for Open Knowledge, Aron developed the simple and attractive interface that made Annotator so approachable and contributed the bookmarklet code that lets annotators take notes anywhere around the Web. Annotator is still the foundation of our work at Hypothesis and we will be doubling down on our investment there going forward.

Our application has already seen massive user interface improvements since Aron came on board and regular design meetings are helping to flush out problematic interactions and flesh out the features we want to deliver to all you eager annotators.

He hopes to continue this trend at Hypothesis by exploring and improving the way we communicate with each other across the internet.

Welcome, Aron!

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