2017: A Remarkable Year for Annotation

2017 was a landmark year for Hypothesis and open annotation. Catch up on a year's worth of annotation news and learn more about the latest progress in our mission to enable a conversation over the world's knowledge.

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Older Browser Support in Annotator

Bill Hunt is a developer with the OpenGov Foundation, his article below is cross-posted from there. The Annotator Problem: New Tech in Older Web Browsers A few months ago, The OpenGov Foundation was awarded a grant from’ Open Annotation Fund to add cross-browser support for Annotator, the tool powering inline annotation on government policy [...]

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Re-Engineering Government

During a time of intense political change and government dysfunction, a focus on open government—bringing transparency to government affairs and information, while facilitating engagement by citizenry in the governing process—is on everyone’s mind. On October 4, with the federal government in full shutdown mode, a hardy band of open government advocates, public officials and civic [...]

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