Going 1.0

By Sean Roberts | 27 February, 2017

A Message from the Engineering Team

Up until this point, we have lived in a < 1.0 world. We have focused on shipping quickly and pushing innovative changes regularly. However, we realized that we are not fulfilling our commitment of clear versioning and expectations of backward compatibility. We also know that a system that is not living up to a clear versioning scheme can be perceived as a perpetual beta product or sub-production ready. Having over 1 Million annotations created by users and over 60 production releases (representing over 20,000+ commits) – it’s time to make our versioning match the maturity of our offering. So today we are turning 1.0 and with that, you will see the same level of quick development but with increased effort on making it clearer to users and platform developers what changes are being made and the level of impact you can expect from those changes.

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