Hypothesis Passes 6M Annotations

Last week we hit 6M total historical annotations (having announced the 5M annotation milestone overall only in mid-March). Hypothesis is now recording a million annotations every quarter.   We ended June with 5,849,284 total annotations, which was a significant increase over the prior month with the largest increase month-to-month in the category “shared in groups”. During [...]

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Fare Thee Well, John Perry Barlow

My good friend John Perry Barlow passed yesterday. John Perry, together with Gerry Percy, was Hypothesis’ founding (and till yesterday, active) board member. From the very beginning, he understood and believed in what we were trying to do, at a time when essentially no one else did. I loved him dearly, as did so many [...]

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Moderating Annotations

One of the most requested features we’re consistently asked for here at Hypothesis is the ability for group creators to moderate annotations that are made by group members. The rationale for this request is easy to understand. When someone creates an annotation group, and invites other Hypothesis members to that group, there are unspoken codes [...]

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Joining the Initiative for Open Citations

Hypothesis is proud to show its support as a primary stakeholder for the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC), an effort just announced to lead the scholarly industry towards opening the citation information in all publications. The essence of the argument is that while the text of the article itself might be closed access, the bibliography [...]

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Cloudflare Security Vulnerability: Our Response

This morning we have been made aware of a security vulnerability affecting Cloudflare, a major internet infrastructure company and our Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider. All traffic to Hypothesis passes through Cloudflare’s servers in order to improve the performance and security of our service. Unfortunately, it appears that a bug in Cloudflare’s software may have leaked some traffic that should have been private into the pages it served for other customers’ sites. Put simply: it’s possible that communications that should have been private between our users and Hypothesis were not. At the moment we have no evidence to suggest that any Hypothesis user’s private data was leaked as part of this vulnerability, but we are taking steps to minimise the risks posed by any possible disclosure.

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Annotating all Knowledge: Adventures in Interoperability

The Annotating All Knowledge Coalition was founded as a forum for accelerating the development of a pervasive interoperable annotation layer across all scholarly works. Figuring out what, exactly, an interoperable annotation layer means was one of the first goals of the coalition. We took the first steps towards defining what an interoperable layer looks like and how it should operate at our Face to Face meetings at FORCE2016 and I Annotate. So what are the next steps? Participants in both events felt strongly that the best way to move forward was to “Just do it”, that is, identify a use case where you have a need to share annotations across: tools, content, platforms, workflows.

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Code review in remote teams

This is a write-up of some research that I did for a session with our dev team at Hypothesis about how to make our code reviews a more pleasant and empowering experience for everyone. Links to sources are sprinkled throughout the text, and you can also find links to all of the sources I used [...]

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A new way to catch up on updates

Whether you’re annotating a single document in a large group, or you’re annotating a page at the same time as another Hypothesis user, you can now see if any updates are available, apply the updates, and read through them without disrupting your annotation experience. Previously, if annotations came in while you were reading or commenting, [...]

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