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Liquid Margins 19: Northern Annotations: Social Learning in Canadian Higher Education

Social annotation is gathering momentum all around the globe. In this episode of Liquid Margins we “travel” to Ontario, Canada, to discuss how the pedagogical practice is gaining traction in Canadian higher education. Joining us are Lillian Hogendoorn, Acting Manager of Digital Access & OER at eCampusOntario; Associate Professor of History at Trent University [...]

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Our View From 20 Million Annotations

Hypothesis annotators just made their 20 millionth annotation, not even a year after we marked 10 million annotations. And what a year it’s been! Social annotation was already growing rapidly before the pandemic moved us even more online. As we've hit 10M, 15M, and now 20M annotations over the last months, it's clear that [...]

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Using Hypothesis Social Annotation in Blackboard

Using the Hypothesis app hosted in Blackboard, instructors can make PDFs and web-based articles annotatable. Students can then annotate their course readings collaboratively, sharing comments, replying to each other’s comments, and learning in community. Instructors can also create annotation assignments using Hypothesis so that students submit their annotation “sets” for grading. Collaborative annotation assignments [...]

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Liquid Margins 17: Sharing the Page: Building Community With Annotation

Members of the #DHReads community join Liquid Margins to talk about how they use social annotation in their digital humanities virtual reading group. Andy Boyles Petersen from Michigan State University, Arun Jacob from the University of Toronto, and Hayley Stefan from the College of the Holy Cross share their experiences using Hypothesis as a [...]

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Liquid Margins 14: Social Annotation and Teacher Education

Hypothesis scholar in residence Remi Kalir will lead a discussion on the ways social annotation can meet those challenges and even enrich the practice of teacher education. Dr. Kalir’s guests are “educators’ educators” Lysandra Cook, Associate Professor of Education at the University of Virginia, INFOhio Instructional Specialist Matt Yauk, and Charles Logan, Doctoral Student in Learning Sciences at Northwestern University.

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