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Annotating YouTube Videos With the Hypothesis LMS App

Hypothesis is pleased to offer the option to annotate YouTube videos as a new beta feature in our LMS app!

Creating an assignment with a YouTube video

  1. First you will need to know the URL of the YouTube video you wish to annotate. The easiest way to find this URL is to click the Share button from the YouTube page and copy the link from the share window
    Location of the share URL on the YouTube page
  2. Next, follow the usual steps to begin creating a new Hypothesis assignment in your LMS
  3. In the Assignment Content window, click the YouTube button
    Location of YouTube content selection button
  4. Here you can paste the previously copied YouTube URL into the Select YouTube Video window and click the arrow icon to confirm your video is valid. You should see a green tick along with the video title confirming the link is correct and the video is not restricted
    The Select YouTube Video window with URL pasted and video confirmed as usable for annotating
  5. Click the Continue button to continue setting up your assignment as you would for other content types
  6. For the best experience, we strongly recommend that Hypothesis YouTube assignments are configured to open in a new browser window/tab:
    • Canvas
      • Edit the assignment configuration. Under Submission Type tick the box to Load This Tool In A New Tab
        Location of checkbox to Load This Tool In A New Tab
    • D2L / Brightspace
      • Click the down arrow next to the assignment name, select Edit Properties in Place and tick the box to Open as External Resource
        Location of checkbox to Open as External Resource
    • Moodle
      • Edit the assignment settings. Under General click to Show more…, then set the Launch container to New window
        Location of option to select New Window Launch Container
    • Blackboard
      • This configuration will need to be set by your Blackboard administrator

Invalid Video Types

Please not that the following types of YouTube videos are not currently able to be annotated using Hypothesis:

  • Age restricted
  • Not embeddable
  • No transcript available

Annotating the YouTube video

When the Hypothesis assignment launches, you will see the YouTube video, the transcript, and the Hypothesis sidebar.

Hypothesis YouTube assignment with transcript shown

You can select text anywhere in the transcript to create a new annotation or highlight.

Additional features available in the YouTube transcript:

  • Play or Pause the video using the button at the top of the transcript. The transcript will autoscroll along as the video plays.
  • Search for text anywhere in the transcript
  • Re-sync the transcript with the video at any time by clicking the Sync Transcript icon
  • Copy the transcript by clicking the Copy Transcript icon
  • Click on a portion of the transcript to jump to that section of the video
  • Jump to the beginning or end of the transcript by clicking the Scroll to Top or Scroll to Bottom buttons respectively
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