How to Assign Hypothesis Readings to Small Groups in the LMS App

How to Assign Hypothesis Readings to Small Groups in the LMS App2021-01-11T15:42:57-08:00
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Canvas users can use our Sections integration to separate students into groups

Unfortunately, Canvas doesn’t allow any external tools to be used with Canvas Groups. Hypothesis has an integration with Canvas Sections that will allow you to create groups of students in a Section and have the annotations those Sections create remain separate from each other. To do this:

  • Your institution needs to install Hypothesis in Canvas and enable our Canvas Sections integration.
  • Your institution needs to give you the ability to create your own custom Canvas Sections.

If these two conditions are met, you can create custom Sections to match the reading groups you want to use. When you create Hypothesis-enabled readings in Canvas, the app will create a group for each Section in a course. You can read our article on Annotating Sections in Canvas here.


All LMS app users can separate students into groups by creating multiple versions of the reading.

Hypothesis displays annotations based on two factors, the course group the annotation is in and the document. We differentiate documents using a digital fingerprint that every PDF has. If you create multiple versions of the same PDF with different fingerprints you can create a unique assignment for each document and students in one assignment won’t see the annotations in another assignment.

You can read how to create different versions of a document here.

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