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Using the Hypothesis app within Assignments allows some additional functionality over creating Module Items. Instructors can assess student work in SpeedGrader, assign the reading/annotating to a particular Canvas Group and also set due dates or dates of availability for the Assignment. 

1. Navigate to your Assignments page and click the “+ Assignment” button

2. Scroll down to the Submission Type field

Note: some users may have to click a More Options button to see this field.

From the drop-down menu, choose External Tool and click Find

Then click Hypothesis from list of tools

On the next screen, you will be able to create an Hypothesis-enabled reading by linking to a publicly-viewable page or document (see Step 3A), choosing a file from Google Drive (see Step 3B), or selecting a file from your Canvas file repository (See Step 3C). The screen will look like this:

On the “Link Resource from External Tool” screen, click Select URL of web page or PDF and paste a link in the text box. Please note that the content at the link must be publicly viewable (i.e., not behind a login or paywall). Here we’ve chosen a Wikipedia article, but you can link to blog posts, open-access books, journal and news articles, HTML pages, etc.

Click Submit.

Note: This process will change the privacy of the selected Google Drive file to “Anyone with the link can view,” creating a publicly-viewable URL for the document. However, the document URL will not be shared with anyone outside your course and cannot be easily discovered.

On the Link Resource from External Tool screen, click Select PDF from Google Drive:

You will be asked to authorize a Google account, and then you’ll be able to search for and select a file, or upload a new one. Click on the file you want to use and then click Select.

If Canvas developer credentials were not provided during the app install process, this option will not be available.

Note: You must upload PDFs to your Canvas file repository before completing the steps below. The Canvas File Picker does not allow for uploading new documents.

On the “Link Resource from External Tool” screen, click Select PDF from Canvas.

You will see a list of files that have been uploaded to your Canvas file repository. Click on the title of the file you wish to use and click Submit.

Note: in some browsers, you might not see visual indication that your file has been selected after clicking on the file title.

4. You will be returned to the Configure External Tool window

Notice that the URL text box is now populated. Click Select.

Tip: We recommend checking the “Load In A New Tab” option. This will allow for a better reading experience for students, especially those who magnify the contents of their screen for accessibility purposes. 

5. Optional: Edit the Assignment name, instructions, due dates, and any other settings you wish to change

6. Scroll down and click Save or Save & Publish

You will see your Hypothesis-enabled reading listed on the Assignments page. When your students click on the Assignment, the web page or document will open with Hypothesis enabled:

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