Connect – Summarize – Question – Reply Annotation Assignment Instructions

By Ashlee Moore of SUNY Oswego

Description #

This annotation assignment incorporates ideas from the Hypothesis Academy resources and combines them into a new framework: connect, summarize, question, and reply. Examples of these four annotation concepts are included in the document to help students. A simple 4-point grading rubric is used.

Assignment #

Purpose: #

Annotating the required readings will allow all class members to share their thoughts, ideas, and questions, even when we are reading the material separately. This process leads to a deeper understanding of the material and encourages critical thinking about the topics introduced. Exploring your thoughts and ideas before the class begins means that everyone will be more prepared to discuss the topic in class. Your instructor will also know what questions exist, allowing them to provide answers and additional material during class time.

Instructions: #

As you read the assigned text(s) before class, you should add at least 3 new annotations and 1 reply. You should make at least one annotation that CONNECTS, one annotation that SUMMARIZES, and one annotation that QUESTIONS. You should also REPLY to at least one other student’s annotation.

Important notes about annotating: #

  • Make sure you hit “post” after you complete your annotation, or else your annotation will not be saved.
  • Make sure it says “post to [this class]” and not “post to only me,” or else people won’t be able to review your annotations.
  • If someone replies to your annotation, you should reply! You will not receive a notification when one of your annotations receives a reply, so you need to check back periodically to continue the conversation.
  • You can review a quick-start guide for how to add annotations.

Grading rubric: #

Each annotation will be graded on a 4-point scale. You will receive one point for including at least one annotation in each of the four categories (CONNECT, SUMMARIZE, QUESTION, & REPLY).