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Hypothesis lets you take notes, view and reply to other notes, along with other features. When you open a Hypothesis assignment you’ll see the web page or PDF your teacher assigned alongside the Hypothesis sidebar.

The Basics

The first time you’re in a Hypothesis assignment, the sidebar will contain some basic instructions.



To create a highlight, select text in the assignment and choose “Highlight” from the popup.

Your classmates and instructor will not be able to see these highlights, and you will not see this type of highlight left by other students or instructors.



To create an annotation, select text in the assignment and choose “Annotate”…

…then add your text to the annotation card and click “Post”.

By default your annotations are visible to your classmates and your instructor. Unlike choosing the “Highlight” button, the highlight you create when making an annotation is visible to others.


Additional options

Look below to learn about:


Tags help you organize your notes and categorize your thinking.

Posting privately

Use the down arrow next to the “Post” button and change the location of your annotation to “Only Me”. These notes are only visible to you.


Format your annotation with bold, italics, quotes, links, inserted images, math notation, bullet points and numbered lists.

Page notes

Page notes aren’t linked to any particular passage within the assigned text. Click on the page note button to leave a page note.

New/updated annotations

When someone else has written a new annotation, or updated an existing annotation, Hypothesis will display a red icon at the top of the Sidebar. Click on this icon to display all of the new and changed annotations.

new/updated annotation

Other functions

Use the buttons on the top of the sidebar to search annotations, sort your annotations, and get help with Hypothesis.


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